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PHILIPS 49" 49HFL7011T/12 Signature

Forsiden / Skærme/TV / TV / PHILIPS 49" 49HFL7011T/12 Signature
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PHILIPS 49" 49HFL7011T/ 12 Signature (49HFL7011T/12)
PHILIPS 49" 49HFL7011T/ 12 Signature (49HFL7011T/12)
PHILIPS 49" 49HFL7011T/ 12 Signature (49HFL7011T/12)
PHILIPS 49" 49HFL7011T/ 12 Signature (49HFL7011T/12)

PHILIPS 49" 49HFL7011T/12 Signature

  • Skærmstørrelse 49"
  • 3D Nej
  • HDR Nej
  • OLED Nej
  • Vægt 14.5Kg
  • HD 4K Ultra HD
Forventes på lager 19-12-2019

Hospitality TV
Amaze your guests with a smarter, sexier, faster hospitality TV. Catch their eye with Ambilight, speed up the interaction with Android™ and enjoy state-of-the-art connectivity and remote management features.

Chasing innovation
powered by Android™ and Ambilight
- 49" Signature
- 4K Ultra HD
- powered by Android™

CMND and Create: Show the information you want, when you want
CMND and Create allows you to provide the information you want, when you want. The content-management module of CMND, it allows for easy creation and distribution of interactive, branded hotel web pages. Tailor your TVs to give guests the most up-to-date information with the latest developments in your hotel, all in real time.

CMND and Control: effortless maintenance of your TVs
CMND and Control allows for remote configuration and installation of your TVs from a central location, without the need to visit any rooms. Update and manage all your displays, with minimal effort, all without having to disturb your guests.

MyChoice compatibility for recurring revenues
MyChoice offers a simple and low-cost way to offer your guests premium TV channels. At the same time it delivers an additional revenue stream which allows you to recover your initial TV investment.

Miracast and DirectShare to share movies and music on your TV
Our TVs give your guests the freedom to enjoy their content on the big TV wirelessly and without hassle. With our open system approach we serve iOS as well as Android users and continuously extend our compatibility. Our secure sharing protects your guests. Pictures, movies, music — it can all be shared and enjoyed on our TVs via Miracast and DirectShare!

Android: a faster, richer, more enjoyable TV experience
With Android on your Hospitality TV you'll enjoy a faster, richer and guest-friendly interface. It's your launch control to a wealth of dedicated hospitality services, applications and so much more. There's an easy-to-navigate menu with direct links to your favourite apps.

4K Ultra HD: a stunning, vibrant viewing experience awaits
A stunning, ultra-clear viewing experience awaits with 4K Ultra HD. Featuring an astounding level of clarity, vibrant colours and four times the resolution of Full HD, it's truly a window into a new world.

Ambilight: an immersive, eye-catching viewing experience
This patented Philips technology makes your screen seem wider—and your viewing experience more immersive—by projecting a soft ambient glow from the sides of the TV screen onto the surrounding wall. The colour automatically adjusts to match the TV picture. Thanks to a wall-adaptive function, the colour of the light is perfectly aligned with the TV picture, regardless of the wall colour. Customise your Ambilight experience by adapting the Ambilight settings to your preference.

AppControl to add, sort and delete apps with minimal effort
AppControl ensures your TVs get the apps you want. With the ability to add, delete and sort apps, plus the ability to configure apps to specific rooms, it's a truly personalised guest experience that you can control from a centralised location, without having to enter the room. For ease of use and security, load your custom app on our private cloud-based server and feel secure in the fact that only you can access it.

Advanced apps with many dedicated services for hospitality
Advanced apps consist of an ever-growing library of applications. With the power of Android, apps run faster and more smoothly, and are more advanced than ever. They are tailored for hospitality, so guest information is securely deleted after use and access to illegal content that can harm your business is prevented.

Integrated IPTV system for optimal customised interactivity
Save costs and clutter. With our new Smart TVs you can build your hotel system directly on the TV. Interactive channels, video-on-demand, interactive hotel menus and information as well as online ordering systems are all possible without an external box attached to the TV. As well as delivering content over coax TV cables, you can now also use your Internet network to deliver your TV channels or VOD directly to the TV. Our partner network can make sure you get the customised portal you want.

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